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Unique, embroidered, personalized gifts for people who think gift certificates are sort of lazy.

Since 2005, DoodleSport has delighted dog lovers with unique, personalized embroidered gifts featuring hundreds of dog breeds. Now, not only can you get dog items, but you can throw in cat, horse, bird, butterfly, barnyard, boats & fishing, fish, sport and wildlife gifts, too.

So don't give that same old gift certificate this year. Create something special!

  • Need a funny polo with a hamster on it for the dude everyone calls "hamster" for no apparent reason? DONE!
  • A beach towel with a Pug on it for your friend who dresses their pug up like Yoda every Halloween? DONE!
  • Desperately need a tee with a flea on it? DONE!

We don't want to know why. We're cool like that. We're just proud of you for taking the time to create something unique for the unique people in your life.

Seriously. We're sort of tearing up now. Don't look.


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